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Rolls Royce Phantom III Aero Coupe 1937-1992 by CARS  1/43
Beautiful model realised by another modeller on a Rolls by Solido. My work consisted of the preparation, painting, decoration and assembly of the model.

Cadillac LMP Le Mans 2000  BBR 1/43
BBR has a quality of casting, to my understand, almost top of the rise. This added to the resin of first quality that uses, causes that the model is superb.
This model in particular arrived with some damaged parts, that I had to repair before painting.
Ferrari F2007 Kimi Raikkonen   Tameo 1/43
Another beautiful model of the Tameo company that, lamentably, is not to the height that is used to having this mark. From the assembly manual that it indicates that the car of Kimi takes number 5, to the rims that there are to mill them from the interior so that they fit in your supports.
Habitually they are kits complicated to mounting by the amount of pieces, if to that it is necessary to add the design errors to him, the result is kit nonapt for beginners.

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